1 Hour Tour

This tour lasts just over an hour it is an incredibly exciting and beautiful trip around the western end of the island, and suitable for people of all ages and skill levels. The tour departs the Waterlot Inn dock in Jews Bay, and the site seeing begins here, so keep your eyes open…

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2 Hour Safari

This tour will include everything mentioned in the 1hr tour plus so much more. The first difference is obviously time, These sites you see are truly breathtaking and the two hour tour allows you a little more time to sit back relax and soak up the atmosphere of being in paradise on the water. There are plenty of sites to see in Bermuda, and on the two hour tour there is a host of other places we can get to. My favorite spots to visit on the two hour…

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3 Hour Tour

A truly Amazing way to spend Half a Day, These private tours allow our knowlegeable guides show you the best time you can possibly have in bermuda. We cutomize each tour to fit.

Self Drive Boat Rentals

Explore Bermuda’s Beautiful coastline on your own, aboard one of our comfy 22′ saltwater pontoon boats, take over your own private island or anchor amongst the beautiful coral reefs and have a snorkel.

Boat rental with Guide

Book a guide for your boat in advance and he will show you all of Bermuda’s most popular spots to get to on the water as well as tell you some tales and history of the island.