Following are a few of our Frequently Asked Questions:


How many skis go at one time?
Up to Six, We like to keep our groups small and intimite so each person can ask questions and hear what the guide has to say. If you have a large group we can arrange for two trips of six skis to depart at the same time but they will typically go on different trips.


How old do your have to be?
16 to drive any age to ride.


What should we Bring?
Generally a towel and a Bathingsuit. Oh and a credit card. We sell some things like underwater cameras, sunblock, sunglass retainers and drinks, but feel free to bring any of your own stuff along. Wearing Sunblock is highly recommended. Hats will NOT stay on during the tour.


Can I have a Private tour?
Typically a 1 hr tour will be with a group. If you definately want a private tour you have to book at least a 2hr tour with a minimum of 2 skis, and request it be privat at time of booking.


Do we have to take a tour?
Yes, it is by law that all jet ski operations are guided in Bermuda. The guided tour however is a LOT of fun, and almost every sceptic comes back saying it was a better than if they had gone out on their own. It is our island and we know all the best places to take our guests.


Do we get to have free time on the tour?
Our tour is designed so each rider can go at their own pace, if that means flat out the whole time, then that is what you do. Our guides are there to make sure you are Firstly safe, whilst “messing around” or “playing” on a jetski can be fun, it must be done safely, doing turns to close to other skis or spraying each other is not allowed. Secondly legal, our guides are experienced mariners, and will take you safely through Bays, Channels and reefs, ensuring you do not unknowingly break any laws. And thirdly to entertain, our guides are very knowlegeable ambassadors of Bermuda and will wow you with many interesting facts about Bermuda and our Beautiful waters.